Is Albums not the one?

Totally get it! How you like to browse and listen to your music library is a pretty unique thing. I built Albums primarily for myself, and I use it every day. However, over the years I’ve run into a few other apps that have different takes on this concept. Definitely give them a look if you’re in the market!

The first is Longplay by Adrian Schönig ($3.99), which has a unique interface and cool wacky ways to sort your library. It’s colorful and it’s a fun look at your collection.

Another album-focused app I’ve seen is also named Albums (great minds!), and it’s built by Adam Linder (free with an $18.99/year subscription). Admittedly this app doesn’t really do it for me, but it’s packed with functionality.

Another music app that doesn’t focus on albums, but does offer a bunch of customizability and functionality is Marvis by Aditya Rajveer ($8.99 with in-app purchases).

If the main thing you’re looking for is manual control over the order of your albums, Songpocket by Linus is definitely worth a look.

Is there another indie app I’m missing in this section? Let me know! I don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all solution, so I’m more than happy to give album lovers as many choices as possible so they can find what works for them.

One more thing...

This page would not be complete without acknowledging the wonderful Albums app that Louie Mantia and Caleb Thorson released in 2014. I loved using it while it was available and missed it once it was pulled from the store.

I like to think that this app is the spiritual successor to “Albums feat. Louie Mantia [Radio Edit]”.